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Childhood Matters NZ

Judy Hunter | Child Mental Health + Well-Being Specialist
Mindfulness for Kids, Teens + Educators

Offered for children of all ages as well as teaching staff at ECE centres, primary schools and colleges.

Judy uses MindUP: a science-backed and evidence-based programme, to teach children how their brain works and to practice accessing calm through the breath.

The MindUP programme aims to foster children's social and emotional awareness, psychological well-being and regulatory skills.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Also known as ECMHC, a growing body of evidence is demonstrating its effectiveness in strengthening young children's mental health and well-being.

The focus of ECMHC is on the powerful influence early relationships have on young children’s development and later life outcomes.

Judy offers a range of ECMHC services to those working with young children to build their knowledge and capacity.

Guiding Principles

I believe children are our future - and that it's up to us, as adults, to nurture and inspire them to be able to live their best lives. And because this is emotionally demanding, I believe parents and educators deserve support for this crucial work.

My approach is based on a few key principles: attachment (relationships) theory, advances in neuroscience about the developing brain, using mindfulness as a tool for calm and change, and the basic human need for connection. 

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About Me

I'm lucky to truly love my work and am super passionate about helping others support and raise connected, confident and creative children.

I have worked in the area of child mental health and well-being all my professional life in a range of services and with a variety of ages.

Want to know more?

Take a look at my Useful Information page for succinct, 

up-to-date, evidence-backed info on a range of topics:

Judy is easy to listen to and helped us understand this child's behaviour at a deeper level. The tools she offered were perfect for helping us all manage things a little better. 

Centre-based ECE Team

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